We’re back for Part II. If you are new in this two-part series, check out the first post here. A while back, I asked my TikTok community about common vaginal health myths and misconceptions they’ve encountered. I received a flood of responses. Let’s debunk these vaginal health myths (or reveal them as truths!) below.

Drinking Cold Water Makes Your Period Heavier

This one is pure fiction! The temperature of the water you drink has no impact on your menstrual flow. So, feel free to sip on cold or warm water as per your preference during your period.

Menstrual Cups Can Decrease Cramps

This is a bit of both. While menstrual cups and discs may help by exerting pressure on specific points to ease cramping, it’s not a universal solution. It might work for some, but not for everyone.

Plan B Doesn’t Work if You Weigh More Than 175 Pounds

This myth is mostly fiction with a hint of truth. Some evidence suggests that Plan B may be less effective in individuals weighing over 175 pounds. Yet, it’s crucial to understand that less effective does not mean completely ineffective. Plan B can still offer some protection. It’s better to take it if you believe you need it, regardless of weight.

Organic Pads and Tampons Are Healthier

Organic pads and tampons are like organic food – they’re not always healthier. There’s no scientific evidence proving that they are superior. The best pad or tampon for you should be affordable, accessible, and fragrance-free.

Your Partner’s Hygiene Can Cause UTIs

This one’s a bit complex. Generally, a partner’s hygiene, particularly if they have a penis, is unlikely to cause UTIs. This is because the bacteria causing UTIs comes from the person’s genital area. Yet, there’s a slight chance that poor hygiene can contribute. Proper wiping techniques (front to back) can help reduce the risk.

Starting Birth Control Must Align with Your Period

Fiction! You can start birth control at any point in your menstrual cycle. While some prefer to start on the first Sunday after their period begins, it’s not a strict rule. You can start birth control when it’s convenient for you.

Plan B Can Mess with Your Period

Fact! Plan B, a high-dose progestin, can temporarily alter your bleeding pattern. Your cycle should return to normal in the following months.

You Can Stretch Before a Pap Smear

This is true, but it depends on the individual. For some with conditions like vaginismus or pelvic floor issues, gentle stretching before a pap smear may help. It will make the procedure more comfortable. Always communicate with your healthcare provider if you have concerns.

There’s a Chance of Pregnancy Right After Your Period

Fact! If you have an extended period and a regular 28-day cycle, there’s a slight chance of getting pregnant right after your period. This is due to sperm’s ability to survive inside the body for up to seven days.

I hope this blog post has helped clarify some common myths surrounding your health. Remember, it’s crucial to base our decisions on facts. Always consult with your healthcare provider for accurate guidance. Stay informed and take charge of your well-being (and follow reputable sources (like me!) on social media)!

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