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Welcome! I’m your IG & TikTok OB Doc 


Unfortunately, there is an abundance of misinformation online these days. While some sources may be reputable, others can be misleading or factually incorrect. Sharing false information online is easier than ever before. As an online OBGYN it is my goal to share factual evidence-based medical information with you to help you make informed decisions and receive the best possible care. 

Plain and simple, I want to teach women about their bodies. I love creating confidence in women by teaching them about their bodies. I want women to know and love everything about their bodies, their periods, their vaginas, their menopause, their birth control, their sexual health – everything. You can follow along on Instagram and TikTok where I provide evidenced-based information.


I want to empower women. Knowledge is power and I hope this platform serves as a resource to you now and in the future! I also want to be an advocate for you. I will always be an advocate for women’s rights, women’s health, and women’s equality.

I am here to help you understand your body and be more comfortable with yourself. But this is not possible unless you’re comfortable with me. In order to build trust and foster comfort, I seek to connect with people in any way I can, big or small. I share my own surgical stories, my vulnerabilities, my literal scars, my family, my mom failures, my insecurities, my weaknesses, my background all with the goal that each of you will be able to relate to one of these things and connect with me on a deeper level.



Because that connection is just one piece of trust that opens the door to understanding, learning, and comfort. I want to connect with other women and learn about their concerns, their fears, their questions. I also love to connect with other healthcare providers with similar goals of empowering their patients by spreading accurate and factual medical information. 

In today’s online world, people want to connect to their providers in more ways to build trust – sometimes before even meeting them. Revealing normal human behaviors, emotions, and vulnerabilities removes those barriers between “authority figure” and vulnerable patient. In doing so, the fear of judgement is lessened, connections are formed, and trust is built.⁣ ⁣Follow along, and let’s connect. 


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