Do you need a Squatty Potty in your life? Most likely! As an OB-GYN, one of the most common complaints I get from patients is difficulty with bowel movements. Straining while on the toilet can cause discomfort. It can even damage the pelvic floor muscles. There is a simple solution to this problem: the Squatty Potty. This footstool is proven to make a significant difference in the ease of bowel movements.

How do our bodies get rid of waste?

First, it’s important to know how our bodies get rid of waste. When we sit on a regular toilet, it’s not the best position for going to the bathroom effectively. The muscle in our bottom, the puborectalis muscle, stops the rectum from relaxing when we’re sitting. This makes it hard to poop, causing us to strain and feel uncomfortable. But if we use a toilet stool and lift our feet up, it puts us in a more natural position. This helps the puborectalis muscle to relax completely. It makes it easier to pass poop and reduces the need to push too hard.

It helps the pelvic floor and so much more

Using a Squatty Potty can also prevent damage to the pelvic floor muscles. When we strain during bowel movements, we put increased pressure on the pelvic floor. This can cause damage to the muscles that support the bladder, uterus, and rectum. Over time, this can lead to pelvic floor disorders. Issues such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. By using a toilet stool, you can reduce the need for straining and prevent long-term damage to your pelvic floor muscles.

Chronic constipation and straining can lead to a host of health problems, too. Issues such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and diverticulitis can all occur from straining. If you use a stool, you might also notice an improvement in regular bowel movements. This is especially important for women who are pregnant or postpartum. Hormonal changes and other factors can contribute to constipation.

By elevating our feet during bowel movements, we can ease the passage of stool. This will prevent damage to our pelvic floor muscles, promoting health and well-being. As an OB-GYN, I recommend a toliet stool to all my patients, so give your pelvic floor a break and put a stool under your feet on the pot. A Squatty Potty is cheap and designed to fit discreetly under the bowl, but really, any stool will do. While it might not change your life, it just may change the way you poop.

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