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I believe that by giving women the power of knowledge, together we can create improved health, confidence, and happiness. That’s why I am passionate about my mission for women’s health, and it shows in my care for my patients and my online community. I truly love what I do. 

Follow me as I break down barriers to learning about our bodies. Forget taboos and start learning about sexual health. And remember, your vagina is an introvert! Shop to support.

Putting family first

The struggle of every woman is finding balance in life. While I love my career and helping women, I have to admit that I am human. I love my family above all else. I am blessed to have a loving husband who supports me, two beautiful sons and one beautiful daughter. They make me smile everyday. We have made a lovely home in Florida and have learned to appreciate every second with each other.
Outside of work, you can usually find me with my children. I am a baby-wearing mother with a large collection of woven baby wraps to carry my youngest in many artful ways. I also love to exercise. You can find me riding my Peloton bike at home. But, you can also find me running with my preschooler. He started doing timed races after he thought he won the DONNA 1 mile “fun run.”

My Journey

I attended Washington University in St Louis. I loved St Louis so much that I decided to stay for medical school at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Early in my career, I became drawn to women’s health. I loved the strength and perseverance of my female patients. This was something I didn’t find in any other specialty. I loved medicine, surgery, the fast pace of emergencies, mental health, childbirth, everything! 

I was lucky enough to match at the top program in the country for Gynecology. This was at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Mayo Clinic is consistently at the forefront of medical technology. I loved my residency program and training so much. So much, in fact, that I served on the admissions committee for several years. They invited me to join the faculty when I graduated. 

For my first five years in Florida, I practiced the full scope of obstetrics and gynecology. I did this at Baptist Hospital Downtown. Then, in late 2018, I met Dr. Patricia Schroeder, who was looking for a partner at her gynecology practice. I currently practice there. I do this while raising my three beautiful children with my husband. And, of course, I teach women evidence-based medicine through Instagram and TikTok.

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